There are two ways to look at church sound.
1: The type of Church Sound Matters! It helps to win people to Christ and make disciples within the Family of God.
2: The quality of Church Sound Matter! And the show is amazing. Keep the people entertained to keep then from looking elsewhere for the next best show in town.
A church can be full of disciples who follow Christ, or full of convents who think they are saved following church programs and leaders.
Sound Quality Matters! The more a person is educated on all things about church sound, the greater their impact will be on the Kingdom of God.


32 Churches Are Not Concert Halls. What! Are Churches supposed to be better than concert halls?
Thatís a joke, isnít it? No, this is not a joke. The world is at war with the church and followers of Christ. Like the story of the Tower of Babel in Genesis 11:1-9, where the people scattered when they were given different languages, the same thing happens when attending a church where the acoustics and sound get in the way of hearing clear and unaltered speech and music. In studying an abundance of existing churches, it becomes clear that there is a direct correlation between acoustics, sound quality, congregational health, and attendance. It would be fair to say that this correlation is throughout church history. New 2022
31 Flow Chart on Church Acoustics

Is there a difference between the acoustics in the Bible and the acoustics most churches experience today?  Throughout the Bible, there are clues about church acoustics. These nuggets of information don't come to life until it is combined with science.  Learning what the Bible teaches about acoustics will bring any church up to its peak performance. The chart is large and worth printing to do a Bible study about it.

30 Bible Secrets for Houses of Worship Does the Bible teach us anything about modern houses of worship? How to design them? How to build them? How they are to perform during worship? Who should design your next church?
New 2020
29 What does the Bible Teach about Church Acoustics? If church sound and acoustics seems like a hit and miss experience, think again. The Bible has always had a successful plan for modern day worship spaces, acoustics and sound systems. Isn't it time we starting doing church sound God's way rather than the other guy's way?

1 + 1 = 3 or When is Doubling the Power, not +3dB?

Specification and math are far apart when comparing indoor and outdoor performance of loudspeakers. Rarely do specifications support how products perform within a church. 2019

Was Solomon's Temple for real? If it was, how would it sound?

Have you every considered how Solomon's Temple would sound today if it was still around? 2019
26 How to Use Cardboard Tubes Cardboard Tubes are the cheapest way to breath new like into any existing worship space that is struggling with acoustics and or the performance of their sound system. This technology seems low tech, but it is more powerful than any audio system can ever do. 2019
25 Kingston Road United Church 10 years later. Kingston Road United Church revisited 10 years later 2019
24 Church Height Chart This Chart is exclusive to this website. It will give you the minimum height requirements for new churches if your church wants to experience the best Christian Worship the church community has to offer the world. 2018
23 Deadspots - Sound System or Acoustics What really causes deadspots in a church? When it is the sound system and when is it acoustics. 2018
22 Stone Mason and AcousticianNEW! How a Stone Mason and Acoustician gets passed over because they didn't look like they were the best option because they were from the church community (2015)
21 How Loud is Loud? NEW! Are we damaging our hearing with loud Praise and Worship teams leading the service? (2015)
20 Getting speaker distortion under control. Why do older people ask you to turn down the sound system when it is not loud for younger people or are acoustics causing more distortion that just over driving the signal through the sound system?.
19 Wave Length Chart Frequency Wave Length Chart. Helpful when you want to know the waves lengths by the foot or inches.
18 Unlocking a New Secret about King Solomon's Temple
** Updated 2020 **
This article is about how modern churches can benefit from what happened in King Solomon's temple 3500 years ago. Over 450 churches have already tried this system and it has worked with all of them.
17 Signal to Noise in a Church Have you every wondered how the reflections off the walls or the noise of the ceiling fan or the noise from the HVAC System is affecting the performance of your sound system and the ability to hear clear speech?
16 Kingston Road United Church A step by step accounting of how a Cathedral was converted into a Cathedral? This will take a while to download.
15 Fixing a church in 7 Days! Yes it is possible. Had to help a church who hired 9 other experts previously to a solve a problem that no other expert in England could manage.
14 How to EQ a Church System When you don't have the skill or equipment for a proper EQ, here is a way to get the maximum control with what tools you can get for free.
13 Setting Church Sound System Standards A Church sound system & acoustics Standard that some sound system companies use when a church doesn't know what to ask for. A standard that we have been using since 1985. It a performance standard for speech and music whether your church sings acapella or with a full Praise and Worship Band. A standard for churches that seat 200 people or 8,000 people.
12 Trouble Shooting Room Acoustics - Part 1 Do you know how to spot an acoustical problem? How can you tell if the problem is acoustical or Electronic?
11 Trouble Shooting Room Acoustics - Part 2 Suggestions of acoustical systems you should consider if you find the changing the sound system every few years isn't cutting it.
10 Evaluate Your Church Acoustics Ways to test a room with the least amount of equipment and a partial explanation of what they mean.
9 Evaluation Sound System part 2 Ways to test a sound system with the least amount of equipment and a partial explanation of what they mean.
8 Evaluation Sound System part 3 The second half of ways to test a sound system with the least amount of equipment and a partial explanation of what they mean.
7 CAPSô A suggested acoustical standard that we follow when a church doesn't know how to express what they want.
6 Speaker Suspension Support There are a number of speaker installation that have failed in churches. In one church the speaker fell during worship. In another church the speaker destroyed the organ console. So far no one has been killed yet!
5 Speaker Placement concept Have you ever wondered where would be the best place to start the design of a speaker system for your church?
4 Foyer speakers that cause Echo Problems What can a little delay can do? They can and often do cause Echo Problems Updated
3 Urgent Warning about speaker destroying setups More speakers are destroyed in churches with computers, laptops, Ipads, Ipods, Iphones and Cassette Recorders that from feedback or excessive loudness Updated
2 Downloads Old free RTA Software that works well enough when used in compatibility mode to Windows XP
1 Loud Enough Updated 2015 When is the Sound System Loud Enough.
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