The Aural Speech Test

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The Phonetically Balanced Speech Intelligibility Test

    A           B           C           D           E           F
1   Bat         Bad         Back        Bass        Ban         Bath
2   been        beach       beat        beam        bead        beak
3   bun         bus         but         buff        buck        bug
4   came        cape        cane        cake        cave        case
5   cut         cub         cuff        cup         cud         cuss
6   dig         dip         did         dim         dill        din
7   duck        dud         dung        dub         dug         done
8   fill        fig         fin         fizz        fib         fit
9   hear        heath       heal        heave       heat        heap
10  kick        king        kid         kit         kin         kill
11  late        lake        lay         lace        lane        lame
12  map         mat         math        man         mass        mad
13  page        pane        pace        pay         pale        pave
14  pass        pat         pack        pad         path        pan
15  peace       peas        peak        peal        peat        peach
16  pill        pick        pip         pig         pin         pit
17  pun         puff        pup         puck        pus         pub
18  rave        rake        race        rate        raze        ray
19  sake        sale        save        sane        safe        same
20  sad         sass        sag         sack        sap         sat
21  seep        seen        seethe      seed        seem        seek
22  sing        sit         sin         sip         sick        sill
23  sud         sum         sub         sun         sup         sung
24  tab         tan         tam         tang        tack        tap
25  teach       tear        tease       teal        team        teak
26  led         shed        red         bed         fed         wed
27  sold        told        hold        gold        fold        cold
28  dig         wig         big         rig         pig         fig
29  kick        lick        sick        pick        wick        tick
30  book        took        shook       cook        hook        look
31  hark        dark        mark        lark        park        bark
32  gale        male        tale        bale        sale        pale
33  peel        reel        feel        heel        keel        eel
34  will        hill        kill        till        fill        bill
35  foil        coil        boil        oil         toil        soil
36  fame        same        came        name        tame        game
37  ten         pen         den         hen         then        men
38  pin         sin         tin         win         din         fin
39  sun         nun         gun         fun         bun         run
40  rang        fang        gang        bang        sang        hang
41  tent        bent        went        dent        rent        sent
42  sip         rip         tip         dip         hip         lip
43  top         hop         pop         cop         mop         shop
44  meat        feat        heat        seat        beat        neat
45  kit         bit         fit         sit         wit         hit
46  hot         got         not         pot         lot         tot
47  nest        vest        west        test        best        rest
48  bust        just        rust        must        gust        dust
49  raw         paw         law         jaw         thaw        saw
50  way         may         say         hay         day         pay

This test should be done three ways.

Post By Joseph De Buglio
From the 1945 Bell Labs Word List

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