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* Here is a program that can be used as an RTA. It is freeware. No Doc and No Support.
* Non Calabrated RTA program Version 4.2

* Non Calabrated RTA program New Version 5.1.6 Now setup with 1/3 octave filters and other new features- Still freeware. (This version corrects a problem with version 5.0)

Spectrogram version 5.1.6 is now available for download. Version 5.1.6 combines the features of all previous versions and adds the following improvements.
-Complete user control over color scale
-Increased sensitivity to low-level signals
-New 1/3 octave processing option
-Adjustable frequency-amplitude calibration
-Automatic record triggering by signal level
-Single spectrum plot capability at any spectrogram point
-Scanning improvements allowing image printing and saving
-Capability to save images as either jpeg or bitmap files
-Cursor offset and adjustable display update for radio amateurs
-Voice pitch detection for singing instruction
-Improved data logging
-Completely updated Help File

We hope you will visit us often as this site grows. This web site is for you - people wanting guidance and real help with their church sound problems. All recommendation presented here have been tested in churches. We will be posting general audio and acoustical information that is "common knowledge" but hard to find - especially for people in small towns and communities.
Thank you.

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