How to Make you own headset mic

Written by Joseph De Buglio
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This is a home made
headset mic. It is free and any small omni lapel mic can work.

The mic just happens to be what comes with a standard Telex LT-100 body pack. I have tried this with many other lapel mics over the past 10 years.

Whether singing or speaking, I found that you don't have to put the mic out in front of the mouth. By being on the side of the mouth, you don't need a pop filter or wind screen over the mic. This keeps the mic very small and almost invisible at 30 feet.

The mic doesn't pick up sounds from beards or glasses. The tip of the mic is taped so that it is away from the face.

The tape can be anything. The mid size coat hanger works best. It is strong enough to stay were it supposed to be after you shape it, yet light enough that you can easily adjust it for anyone. Most minister and song leader say it is lighter that the store bought ones and after a few minutes, they don't even notice that they have it on.

You can hang the wire down any way you want. I put this one together at the Annual Fellowship Baptist church. It was a last minute thing and I hand only 2 minutes to put it together. There was plenty of gain before feedback.

The smaller the mic, the better this setup seems to work. Because this was put together very quickly, I didn't have time to round out the tip of the wire around the ear piece, so I just added some tape. Like I said, it is free and once on, you can push you hair over it and it almost disappears.

This is the situation where I was using this wireless setup. Although it doesn't look like it, this room seats over 1200 people. For this interested, the speakers are EAW KF300's with an EV sub. There are 20 lights on the truss. I have put over 30 light on the truss on other occasions. This whole system goes up in 5 hours.

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Thank you.

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