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A Church Sound System and Acoustics Quiz #3

Written by Joseph De Buglio --

Tell Us what is good and bad about this church,
the sound system and the acoustics.

Picture 1
This is a panoramic view of the church. The ceiling is only 18 feet high. The width is 51 feet and length 62 feet. This church is almost the same as Quiz 1. Just my luck to get so many low ceiling projects.

Picture 2
This is a view from the left side looking at the lighting recess

Picture 3
This is a view of the back wall. In the right corner is where the soundman sits.

Picture 4
This is a profile picture of the the speaker system, the pulpit and the seating.

Picture 5
Here are some Window details. Do you thing they pose a problem?

Picture 6
The Cavity goes up about 30 inches

Picture 7
The is the bottom of the window. It is hard to tell, but this same window goes down about 30 inches.

If you have the chance to design and install a sound system in this church, what would you do different? Post your answers on the discussion group under the heading -Church Sound System Critique.

We hope you will visit us often as this site grows. This web site is for you - people wanting guidance and real help with their church sound problems. All recommendation presented here have been tested in churches. We will be posting general audio and acoustical information that is "common knowledge" but hard to find - especially for people in small towns and communities.

Thank you. Joe The Soundman.

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