"Why Are Church Sound Systems
Church Acoustics So Confusing?"

First published as a series of articles - 1991
First Published as a book in spring of 1993 -
Updated in fall of 1993- 1st Edition 1.2
Updated in spring of 1994 - 1st Edition 1.3 --
New 2nd Edition - Spring 1995 -
Spring 1996 2nd Edition 2.02 -
Summer 1997 2nd Edition 2.2 - small print.
Summer 1998 2nd Edition 2.3, added 30 photos of installations with details and added some extra stories.
New 3rd Edition January 2004  ISBN 0-96973-500-7 CDN
Complete new edit and addition of 250 new pages of information with a major contribution from Blake Engel.
Re-print of 3rd Edition September 2004 Changed cover and book binding. Sold out
The book is currently being re-edited and reduced in size - release date 2008 - Sold Out!
The book is no longer available

There is a PDF version of the book version 2.4 that is floating around in cyberspace. Enjoy. It is a free copy but it is out dated. It is not well written.

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