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Every Church deserves to have great sound which in turn results in a richer and fuller worship experience. When the quality of sound is compromised in a sanctuary or fellowship hall or classroom for whatever reason, we have the tools, knowledge and experience in creating the same high quality sound everyone is accustom outside of a church setting. Whether the sound system just needs a minor adjustment, or equipment needs to be upgraded or the room acoustics are in need of change, we have solutions that work the very next time you use your worship space. As an independent consulting firm, we design the best uncompromising solutions.
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When we help a church, the sound experience is much better than sitting at home and watching church from a TV, a computer screen, a cell phone/tablet or on the Internet.

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We have helped Churches around the world including:
England, Brazil, United States, Canada, Kenya, Columbia, Cambodia, Belize, India, China, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Philippines
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With excellent sound in this church means there is no place to hide from the Gospel truth.
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