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Providing Acoustical solutions to return Church services into a time of "Worship" instead of “entertainment”

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JdB Sound Acoustics

722 Peel St, Delhi, Ontario, Canada - - Phone 416-248-9007 - - - - - e- mail;
Telephone Assistance - 10:am to 6pm EST Tuesday to Friday

An Independent consulting company providing services for all denominations and worship styles in 27 different countries.

Designing the best all inclusive solutions for Acoustics and Sound systems that any church can afford.
In one step we always fix or improve the following:
Speech Intelligibility of the sound system * * feedback problems * * Performance of the sound system * *
Congregational Singing * * Choral Singing * * The Praise and Worship Leaders * *
Stage Monitor Mix * *Drum mixes * * quality of worship

Gateway Community Church, Abbotsford, BC, Canada

St Margaret Mary Church, Orlando, FL, USA
It is - - - - Welcome! This Website has been Online since 1995. Serving Churches exclusively since 1981.
Since 1995 there has been over two million pages, downloads and visitors.

This room sounds so good you can hear a pin drop
anywhere in the room from anywhere on the stage.

This room was custom designed as a Church, School Gym and for Coral Competitions
Any new or existing space can be changed to be this good - and be affordable.
Planning church acoustics often means a building that costs less. to build and maintain

Church Acoustics are unique to Churches
Church Sound Systems are unique to Churches

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Church Sound Systems and Church Acoustics

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For people living in the Greater Toronto Area, Here are some points of interest.

Light of Dae Studios
Free Recording Studio for Youth
and Church Youth Groups

It is really free but some conditions do apply

Call 1 (905) 839-9998 for details
Studio location is in Pickering, Ontario
over 8 million people and 1000 churches within 1 hr of the Studio

To see current photos of Church Acoustics and Sound Systems projects I have worked on

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Church Sound Systems, Church Acoustics,

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Church Acoustics, Church Sound Systems

Church Acoustics, Church Sound Systems

Church Acoustics, Church Sound Systems

Church Acoustics, Church Sound Systems

Church Acoustics, Church Sound Systems

Church Acoustics, Church Sound Systems

Church Acoustics, Church Sound Systems