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Creating the best sounding worship spaces in the world.

Church Acoustics & Sound Systems

JdB Sound Acoustics is an independent consulting firm specializing in creating great worship spaces with physics, good science and a road map from the Bible.

Every Church deserves to have great sound all the time.  Excellent sound results in a richer and fuller worship experience. Growing and maintaining a church community is a challenge most of the time and the last thing you need is a barrier that makes it harder for people to hear and understand the message. Removing those invisible barriers is what we do best.

When the quality of sound is compromised in a church for whatever reason, we have the tools, knowledge and experience in creating the same high quality sound everyone is accustom to outside of a church setting.

Whether the sound system just needs a minor tune-up, or the acoustics are in need of managing, we have solutions that work the very next time you use your worship space. As an independent consulting firm, we design the best uncompromising solutions.

Tons of information about Church Sound Systems and Acoustics.  Includes rants about church issues too.

Church Sound & Acoustics Blog

For many Churches, we are a service of last resort.  Imagine being the tenth acoustical company called in to fix the acoustics of a simple worship space.

Fixing a Church in Seven Days

The Bible has a roadmap that details contemporary and traditional worship service styles.

The Bible’s Idea of Church Acoustics

Solving problems others cannot fix

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If you have any questions about large room acoustics or church acoustics, ask us.  We will do our best to answer all questions.  Include your name, some details about the room you have questions about, some dimension and photos if you have any and we will answer all questions within 24 hours.  Use this link to send us an email.

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