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Written by Joseph De Buglio

How do you cancel a concave wall? With convexed diffusers.
Church Seating 800.
Fixed Acoustics and replaced total sound system

6500 seating in a 290 x 310 ft church. This project was done in 1987.
Video Camera System
3 Rear Projection Screens
Full Sound System

Video projection is not new, but today it is much better.

There are those think that a one person consulting firm can not manage the consulting of a super church.
Then again, such a firm can do a better job and lower the cost of construction. But who can afford such a service?

Before this project was started, the reverberation was over 4 seconds.
These pillars are hollow and made of Plaster. They were used to I tune the Church.
That provided 60% of the acoustical correction.
Can you see the other acoustical treatments in this room?

Since these pictures were taken, the speakers on each pillar were removed and a cluster was installed. The cluster was a single speaker and it was mounted so that it would not block the view of the fresco for 80% of the seating area. The speaker was finished to look like a hanging light fixture with similar iron work. There are delayed speakers for the Balcony.

Lets have fun with this project.
1 & 2 - these are 2 of the 8 air conditioning and heating units on separate thermostats. The church put all of these units on one control and lowered their energy costs 35%
3 - Token the lighting system. There is only one plug for all of the lights in each group. If you turn these lights full, the pop the circuit breakers
4 - The video projects are in the open. The cooling fans are so loud that the sound system amplifies the noise.

2200 Seating with great sightlines

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