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Project in Progress for Acoustical and Sound System repairs.

The Pictures and details below are incomplete. Please come back often as this page will be updated bi-monthly or as time permits. If you need details about any of these photo's or projects, please call or email me.

First Baptist Church, Norman Oklahoma

This project may look picture perfect, but it is not. Not because it was a bad installation, but because the church changed the rules after the system was installed. Here is an example of a well installed sound system that the church out grew and to top things off, the church added 20 feet to the stage. Seating 1000 plus choir and musicians
In changing the stage, the church now had to face a number of issues.
  1. The cluster is now behind the pulpit by 10 feet.
  2. Most of the musicians are performing between large parallel walls
  3. The church used to have acoustical tile on the ceiling and changed it to drywall.
  4. Because of the high absorption rate, wider dispersion speaker were used. This contribute to major feedback problems when the room changed but the system was not altered or reinstalled.

Front View of the church
After checking out the whole sound system, I was very impressed by the original company that installed the sound system back in 1979. Intelligibility was very good when the air conditioner was turned off.

Grace Church, Roseville, MN

Seating 750 people

It's hard to believe that two churches 700 miles apart having the exact same problem. The original system was well installed with the known knowledge of the day. Like the church in Oklahoma, they too added 20 feet to their stage.

Bible College Sound System

St. Martin Church, Williamsburg VA.

A new church parish hall that has omitted many of the design details I was asked to supply. I had supplied many no cost details and other details the church was more than willing to pay for as extra's, but were ignored by the Architect in charge.
Results are as follows of the items I address in reports before the construction of the building started:
Over 3100 square feet of the interior walls are not insulated.
The stage acts like a drum
The RT60 was over 3 seconds. The diffusers brought it down to 2.4
There are 4 air systems instead of 1 - at least they could have put them on a single control
The air supply is greater than the return air speed - there is supposed to be 20% more return air flow than the supply air speed.

These are just some of the design details that were ignored
Seating 350

Community Church, Oshawa, Ontario. Canada

A new church
Seating 2600

More Projects on the books

This church is brand new and it need open heart surgery for their acoustics and once that is fixed,
then the sound system needs to be re-installed.

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