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FM Hearing Enhancement System and a whole lot more Thanks to your Walkman Person AM/FM radio.

Imagine a FM hearing enhancement system that was tunable to any FM frequency that a personal FM walkman type radio uses. Imagine using this system as both a low cost hearing enhancement system and as a replacement for a 70volt distribution system throughout the church.

Options include:

Churches That now have this system.

Malvern Christian Assembly, Toronto, Ontario - Local
Faith Baptist Church , St. Thomas, Ontario - Community Broadcasting

A New Way to Hang Around.

Frontline Trusses. Made by JdB Sound, Acoustic Lab..
This truss has been designed for small to medium size events. The whole truss can fit into a Van, Mini Van or Station Wagon, along with the rest of a sound system.
Span Sizes - 24 and 30 feet
Carrying Capacity
24ft. = 1500 pounds 30ft. = 1100 pounds

Sample Shown - BCOQ Convention 1996 - June 11-15th.
Room size 130 x 130 - MacMaster University. Span - 24 feet. Speakers - 3 - EAW KF300 Lights - 12 Par 64's & 6 Leko's
Setup time with speakers and lights - 1 hour or less Truss weight as shown - 24 feet 160 pound. - 4 sections Weight of Speakers & Lights 400 pounds Supports were rented L-16 towers. Lift height - 18 feet - Weight Capacity - 500 pound each. Flex over span - 1 inch over 24 feet - 2 inches over 30 feet Color - Flat Black Space needed to transport the truss - 13 inches high x 13 inches wide x 72 inches (6 feet) long.

Basic Construction

Top and Bottom span - 1 1/2inch box tubing Vertical dividers - 1 inch box tubing End units are 2inch -thick wall Box Tubes Section weight - 40 pounds
Section length 6 feet Link sections - 2 inch thick wall box tubes Assembly is done with 3/8th - grade eight nuts & bolts Assembly time - 2 people 6 minutes

Basic Cost - $ 1,399.00 Cdn. + shipping and Taxes - (1,099.00 US plus Shipping. NO TAX)


Quick Disconnect Bolt and safety pin assembly - $140.00us for full set Speaker pull points - $65.00us (for three speaker setups.) Speaker "D ring" for up to 6 speakers - $ 490.00us Light extenders - $65.00 for sets of 2 - (Allows you to mount par cans up to 30 inches out from the front and back of truss)

Other Custom options are available. Call for details

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Additional Shots of the Truss for the 1997 Baptist Women Conference.
You can see the new outriggers for the lighting and the Tannoy CPA 12 Speakers.

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